I think one of the reasons why I always don't feel like updating my blog is because I always feel compelled to include pictures, and let's say uploading pictures and then putting them into this stupid box is a bitch to do. So screw it no pictures for oyu!!!! (Or maybe I'll put them in at a later time, we'll see) 

Anyway I can't help but feel like THIS YEAR HAS BEEN THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Turning 20 really felt like I truly entered a new phase of my life. I don't know how to explain it. But I guess I've come to realise how different a person I am than I was last year. And that can also explain why I don't blog as much, because there's something about me no longer seeing the need to put everything I do out there on a public platform (I normally just Instagram / Tweet / Snapchat it, in order of glamorousness, btw, so all the lapsap moments usually go on Snapchat). But I still find writing a very cathartic process for me so here I am writing while my body is still riled up from having just finished a run! 

Now that I'm older I think I do more self-reflection / zen posts, which are totally boring and might border on creepy because it's me talking to myself, so these posts normally go on a private blog that only I have access to lol. Usually if there are things I want my friends to know I would've already used my big mouth to do so on WhatsApp (woo, technology!!!). I also think I have many things going on in my life right now that I'm not comfortable revealing / talking about this publicly anymore for personal reasons. So I guess this blog only shows the happy, fun side of my life? I am a multi-faced bitch after all.

For the sake of nothing here's what's happened to my life lately, summarised in hopefully less than 1000 words! (Highly doubt it)

In February, I ended my 5-month internship with MediaCorp's 8 DAYS magazine! I can finally reveal it because this blog has content nasty enough for them to have fired me if there was the association, I think. Hahahahah.

Anyhoo, it brought back memories from secondary school, how my then form teacher, Miss Rachel Teo (who got married over the weekend btw), thought I was weird for wanting to write for them someday, because Edrie would buy the latest issue every week and bring it to school. So ironic how their target audience is like, adults.

Since then it's probably the only magazine I've religiously read, which explains why my level of weirdness has increased exponentially over the years. So you can only imagine how it was a dream come true for me when my lecturer-in-charge of internships told me that 8 DAYS was one of the internship choices when I asked her! My batch is literally the only batch in recent years (as far as I know) to offer a position at 8 DAYS, and not even the current batch of juniors on internship had that choice. I swear everything in life happens for a reason lor. GOD IS REAL!

It was probably the highlight of my poly life because I learnt so much about myself and so much about writing. This internship made me grow so much as a writer, and re-affirmed my passion for writing through realising the power of words. I want to go back to my second year just so I can rewrite all my nasty News Writing and Feature Writing assignments.

On the flipside, it's also made me realise that I probably don't want to dive into journalism as a main career choice. It's not that I didn't enjoy my internship. I just feel like it's better for me to keep it as a sideline hobby, or maybe a freelance kind of job. It's just the mindset of having deadlines and the fact that "it's a job" that stifles my creativity a bit, so it's entirely in my head lah. I still love writing a lot though.

But that's the point of internships right? It was actually a topic raised by the press during my graduation ceremony when they interviewed me, and I'd just like to say I truly endorse internships okay!!! Lol, so embarrassing cos the Chinese radio stations interviewed me and I didn't even know what 'internship' was in Chinese. I also just rambled a garbled mix of English and Chinese during the interview so badly that they ended up just telling me to answer in English. LOL!!! Fuck my life.

Which perfectly segues into how I just graduated recently! Woohoo! It was pretty awesome. I'm so lazy to say anything else about it. You can just see my Instagram feed for what went down, or my Facebook for more photos. Long story short: yes, I am the valedictorian for the second time in my life (what are the chances?), which is precisely why I invited Miss Teo because she made a bet with me that I wouldn't become a valedictorian again (LOL life is so funny), and hell yes, my speech was given the green light with no edits, and let's just say it involved chwee kueh which the minister who attended picked up on and used it in his Facebook post. Proudest moment of my life! Yay chwee kueh! We also got moderately drunk at 3pm that day. I am a terrible role model!!!!

And now I can also say I got sassed by a minister. Let's just say I felt AWESOME.

Also realised there was a pic of me on a CNA article on that day, which has totally nothing to do with me. It just happened to be my face.

And now to perfectly segue into another topic since we're on significant milestones in life, I would also like to proudly announce that I HAVE PASSED MY NAPFA TEST FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE!!!! Thank god for new 3-station system to cater to losers like me!!! I am eternally grateful!

Seriously. If I can pass NAPFA, anybody can pass okay. Seriously.

I just officially completed my medical examination last Friday (because I was sent on a couple of heart tests from my first check-up, end up there was totally no problem and I was in fact "very fit") so I'll probably get my enlistment letter next week. The sad thing about having a perfectly healthy heart is that I probably won't get PES C and below, which is what I want so that I can audition for the Music and Drama Company :( Crossing my fingers!

That's not the only thing at stake either, because I also recently booked a flight to Osaka in early October, HAHAHAHA!!! What lah, Scoot had a 3-day launch promo and it was so cheap, I couldn't not buy it okay? Plus, Namie Amuro is performing during that period so I haz to go!!!! Watch this space to see if I will eat my words when my enlistment date comes and clashes completely with the trip and my $450 flight tickets. And potentially more, because I've already applied to ballot for the concert tickets. On two dates. HAHAHA!!! Life is a gamble, friends.

Now I'm occupying myself in the meantime by studying Japanese and music, working (so that I can fund my studying of Japanese and music), and working out whenever I can. On top of trying to update my blogs. So I guess my plate's still pretty full even after graduation. I'm basically doing the things I wish I had did when I was 13. Oh well! Too late for regrets. And it's also getting too late for me to stay up. So goodnight! 

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