I got soul but I'm not a soldier

In exactly one month I will be passing out as a SOLDIER Y'ALLZ!!!

Here is an obligatory photo of me bald:

Are you ready for this jelly?

NS has been... a very trying experience. I remember bitching about it before so many years back, I think in 2008 or something, about how I really didn't want to go through NS.

I still think it's stupid lah, but for very irrational reasons. I totally get why we need it. And as I grew older I looked more and more forward to serving NS, with big dreams about how I'm going to give it my all, wanna be an officer and all that kind of shit, and take this as a once in a lifetime experience (which it is), mostly for the bragging rights to tell people in other countries "Eh I was in the army before leh" HAHAHAHHAHAHA

But the first time I went in, I swear to God, one day felt like one week. And it was that feeling for the most part of my first week. It's really quite emotionally draining. But I guess everyone deals with it on their own internally. At one point I thought I was gonna go insane. But after the first week everything just went by so quickly, and by now I've already completed my 5th week, and I'm still alive! I'm already halfway there leh!

Being in one of, if not THE, strictest and / or fiercest company here, I will honestly feel extremely proud of myself if I make it through alive at the end of this. Seriously. I didn't even think things here were being run so intensely until my other friends in companies tell me how things are like on their side lol.

Here is the one and only photo of me from the BMTC Facebook page, receiving "my" rifle:

The doneness shown on my face is not the result of a poorly timed shot. It is very real. My skin tone is also a representation of how I am as done as a well done steak.

As Joey once put it, this is truly the place where all the idiots in the world collide. I cannot count the number of times I have been proven time and again with how people can be so stupid. But that's not to say I didn't meet a bunch of cool peeps from my platoon – especially my section mates (there are 14 of us sharing a bunk). They're freakin' awesome and I think I got pretty lucky to be grouped up with them! And one of them is the token ang moh that draws the attention of everybody lol!

Surprisingly I've also been seeing more familiar faces than I thought I would. Seeing anyone from FMS makes me feel so happy and wish I was back in poly again lol. I even bumped into secondary school mates I literally haven't heard from since we graduated. I thought they fell off the face of the Earth, only to realise they're still alive!!!!!!!!!

The only hint of civilisation we get is the little pockets of time we get to use our phones in our bunks or watching Channel News Asia during meals. But as much as I hated hearing that I will "get used to it", it is true that you eventually get used to the regimentation and everything. I wouldn't say that I have "fallen into the system", but rather... I just do what I got to do lol. I still miss a lot about civilian life, but I think in one way or another, this also makes you appreciate civilian life more, as much as I feel like I don't even need it in the first place.

I am also one of the very few people who actually enjoy the food in Tekong. Thank Jesus Christ for my peasant tongue! Where even I find $2 ananas cafe chicken rice heavenly!

Some other things I am grateful NS has given me include the ability for me to eat a shit ton of junk food again. I can finally enjoy roti prata without feeling any guilt because I know I will sweat the shit out of it when I go back in the next week. Wooo fuck you calories! I am actually losing weight amidst all this bingeing. Is this what people with high metabolisms feel?!?!?!?! Cos it feels great?!?!!?!? Don't know what's the problem with y'all complaining all the damn time?!?!!

Nonetheless I will try to update more when I can! I need to stimulate my brain more through writing otherwise I will become dumber than I already am. Everything in the army gets so repetitive and routine that you eventually stop using your brain. Even my Japanese classmates tell me that I sound more "ang moh" when I speak Japanese now during class. Yep, my brain is dying :(