Time to get a little salty!

It's the last day of my block leave after passing out and tomorrow it's back to the grind again, Jesus Christ.

Fortunately I got posted to ~*SCS*~ so the camp is like 10 metres from my house, compared to Tekong which was all the way in Ethiopia, so woop woop! I'm gonna be a sergeant siak!

There was once I took the public transport to Pasir Ris for the first time to book in because my stepdad wasn't free, and I totally underestimated the time taken and realised it when I was at Queenstown station so I had to loser-ly alight and grab a cab instead LOL.

Anyhoo, passing out from BMT was such a bittersweet feeling. My section was super fun to be with (and while I have no basis of comparison, I would like to think that my section tbh was the best section in the platoon) and I had lots of fun with them lah.

During our 24km route march (more on that later) we were so bored we started going round asking one another what is one thing they are thankful for in BMT. I said I was thankful that NS allows us enlistees to go in as a clean slate – devoid of our past achievements, history, education, what not. We knew nothing about each other to form any sort of pre-conceived notions or judgements, and you know I judge people the moment I see their hair. But lo and behold there weren't any there either!

So it was really nice. I've become good friends with people, after knowing who they are, I probably wouldn't have approached or come in contact with in real life. So that's what I really liked about being in BMT.

Anyhoo, the 24km route march, besides the ability for me to even do so, made me realise two things I never knew I could do either – get abrasions on my thighs where my pockets are (I had my wallet and phone in them LMAO) and LITERALLY sleepwalk.

Sleepwalking is like the best shit. My eyes would be 3/4 closed, opened just enough to look at the person's shadow in front of me to make sure I keep proper distance. I did several conscious experiments and realise that I was able to keep pace better sleepwalking (not to mention feel better) than if I were to be awake. Who would have thought right? Also, by the end of the walk my name wasn't even Travis Chan anymore. It was The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

My only gripe with NS is how my English has gone down to the shitters because everybody speaks TERRIBLE ENGLISH! I swear to God, one of the things I'd like to achieve as a sergeant in my future unit is to promote good English practices. Seriously. To any future enlistees reading this, please take out an exercise book and write this:

Three is not read as tree. Three is not read as tree. Three is not read as tree. Three is not read as tree. Three is not read as tree. Three is not read as tree. Three is not read as tree. Three is not read as tree. Three is not read as tree. Three is not read as tree. Three is not read as tree. Three is not read as tree.

And this:

The plural of "foot" is "feet", not "feets". The plural of "foot" is "feet", not "feets". The plural of "foot" is "feet", not "feets". The plural of "foot" is "feet", not "feets". The plural of "foot" is "feet", not "feets". The plural of "foot" is "feet", not "feets". The plural of "foot" is "feet", not "feets". The plural of "foot" is "feet", not "feets". The plural of "foot" is "feet", not "feets".

For the betterment of our society, please.

So I got my posting on Friday. I'll be completely honest to say that I thought I had a fighting chance to get posted to OCS. THERE I SAID IT BITCH!!! BUT I DIDN'T!!!! LOL.

Am I being salty? You bet I am!
I think what makes me upset more, too, is that after browsing Facebook like the kaypoh I am, I see so many nasty people getting posted there, which is like, the first time in my life I really question the system. I guess some people just manage to slip through the cracks. Is it because I have a French stepdad? Is it because my dad went through four marriages thus my family background is officially shady? Is it because I have no tonsils? ~*Who really knows*~

But Magdelene was being very real yesterday with me by saying that I am really only upset because it's the first time in my life since PSLE that I am not getting the "top" position. Fair enough, I'm not going to deny that it's an ego thing. HAHAHAHAHAA!!!! So I guess it makes sense that I am in SCS because at least I know my heart would be in the right place. Aiya the military system is flawed anyway and it's not like I have intentions of signing on and/or put my NS rank in my resume (Seriously, some people find it's okay to do it but I'm struggling to find the direct relevance?)

I'm not sure if I posted about this before here but I've reached a point in my life where I believe everything has happened for a reason, and that at times like this God probably has better plans. I'm not religious but it's a state of mind that has proved to be very effective in getting my shit together LOL. #zen So, hopefully everything works out in SCS if this is what has been bestowed upon me.

The year is coming to an end yet again and this has been such a good year. It's been a great time to be alive. Not to mention I think I'm in love.... ... . . .. . ... . . . . .. . .. .. . . . .. . .. .. ... with the coco.

Maybe some time next week I'll do another post to review my year. Despite the fact that army will literally be my entire 2016, I have plans to do things to maintain my sanity so hopefully everything works out in that department too. Can't wait for time to fly by tbh, as much as I hate to anticipate the onset of ageing, as usual. My 21st birthday is going to be on a weekday in camp leh, kanasai!