Hello it's me again

You'd probably think I'm joking if I say Asa Akira (a porn star, if you didn't already know) inspired me to blog again. But I'm not. LOL! I've been reading her book thanks to my sistel Magdelene and um, I'm not going to be embarrassed to say...

I don't think I'd actually mind having people pay me for sex.

As Asa Akira put it succinctly, you get paid and get an orgasm at the same time. I know we live in a conservatively Asian society to accept this thinking, but all you Singaporeans cannot deny that it's a good deal.

Okay, let's just hold that there and see how long it's gonna take for me to publish an "Update: I found my morals and I ain't gon' do that shit again!"

I guess I do have some moral issues. But when you're in dire need of cash I think certain things need to be put aside. Not gonna be caught dead as a homeless smelly hobo! I recently read a Reddit AMA of an anonymous Singaporean woman who is a marketing executive by day, and high-end escort by night. And by high-end, we're talking $20k a month from her clients. $20k!!! That is already worth more than my life fam. Talk about milking your youth for all it's worth y'allz.

Can't believe it's been this long since I actually picked up an English-language book. I've been too caught up with learning Japanese that it's messing with my mind. And even then I only barely passed my JLPT N3. I don't think I'm meant to be a polylinguist (Not too sure about being a cunning linguist though), but I'm going to die trying, because you know, I love breaking boundaries and shit.

I actually can't wait for 2 things to do in my life: enlist in NS and write my tell-all, no-holds-barred memoir when I hit 45, provided I'm not dead by then – because with all the shit I'm gonna stir my family with it, it'll be a great time to be alive. I'm enlisting on October 8, but it feels so far away because everybody else except Milo and Jerald Chan have already enlisted. But at least I have Angus and Evan in the army already to tell me that I should prepare enough underwear when I go in.

And I already have the working title of my memoir ready, as suggested by Sibyl a few years back. I actually wrote a few chapters but it's in my PC which unfortunately crashed from overheating while playing MapleStory last year LOL. TRUE STORY!!!!!!!!!

I think I've really begun to see that everything in my life has happened for a specific reason. That's not to say I can forgive the people who've pissed me off in the past – I still hate all of your guts. But I don't know if that's because God is real or everything I'm feeling is just a state of mind. Does that make me a basic bitch? Because lately the other basic bitch thing that I've really bought into is horoscopes. Not those daily horoscope readings shit, but how your star sign actually coincides with your character. Or is God messing with my mind?

I think one distinct trait of a Capricorn that really syncs with me is being resistant to change. I actually have always been like that my whole life:

1. I can literally buy a pair of shoes, have it wear out after 5 years, and actually think, "I want to buy the same pair of shoes."

2. When I still used an iPhone 4S, I bought this $6 plain blue rubber casing from Gmarket and ended up using it for the whole 2 years I owned it. When I changed to the longer iPhone 5s I actually went back to Gmarket, went to the same merchant's page, and bought the same rubber casing, but for the iPhone 5s. Now I'm using a new phone case bought my Charmaine from Japan because it's very cute, but it's chipped on two corners and I'm not even thinking of replacing it, ever.

3. For the past 3.5 months, 8/10 times, I get eggplant and bittergourd when I order cai png. This is one thing that's not basic bitch of me lately – it's sibei auntie please. I never actually liked those two things prior. I don't know how I ordered them in the first place to even know I had the taste for them. It just happened (God messing with me again???). I actually had eggplant with my cai png for dinner just now. Ordered cabbage instead of bittergourd cos they ran out.

Another reason why I believe in horoscopes now is because of this horny chart on my Facebook feed that said Capricorns' horny rating is 10/10.

ANYWAY! My life is becoming such a routine now, I may as well be in NS already. I really like to blog on this but I've realised that the older I become, the more things I've come to learn that should be best left unsaid on a public platform. I am so annoyed! It's mainly because there are certain things that certain people shouldn't know. Lol. The old me (aka the younger me, ironically) would just say whatever the fuck I want and just let it escalate into astronomical proportions of shit stirring, but I don't think I can risk that now.

I would privatise this blog for only my friends to see but at the same time I'm an attention whore so it's very hard ;( that's what she said.

p/s. Not joking when I said I need money. Will need jobs to pay off $500 for monthly Japanese and music lessons while I am in NS – so hook me up if you have any weekend / freelance / ad-hoc / project-based jobs. I really mean ANY. Just nothing to do with foot fetishes and the likes, thanks!