So I have a very tragic announcement to make.

It's not exactly the best thing to have. Or rather, the best condition to have.

Am I going to die? Well, under the wrong circumstances, I just might.

Are people going to shun me after seeing it? You bet they would.

No, I am not retiring. (#casuallytryingtopullaRebeccaLim)

I suffer from Stage 4 Resting Bitch Face.

It's actually really bad.

As anybody in NS would know, you have to constantly switch around to different camps at the beginning. From Tekong to PLC to my current camp (literally from the East to the West), the success rate at which I have been called out for my Resting Bitch Face is a stunning 100%.

Sometimes it takes me by so much surprise – usually it starts off with someone staring at my face, to which I would stare back and wonder what's up. "Travis why do you look so du lan?" "Travis why do you look so gloomy?" "Travis you look very sad eh what happened?"


Then I have to proceed to explain about how I have a resting bitch face and it's just like that. Is this what Rui En goes through on a daily basis?

I won't deny that it has helped me in many situations though. For example, salesmen and people doing flag day and surveyors won't normally approach me because I look so damn pissed off. They literally shun me, which is great. I hope that keeps up.

In other news I have unfortunately racked up an unfortunate reputation in my bunk to be a very dirty person. Not mentally, because that's universally known. But physically. SO ANNOYING!

It all happened one day after close combat training where I didn't sweat a lot. Didn't sweat what, so it's fine right? So in my state of not giving two shits, I decided to lie down on my bed. And the entire bunk got sooooo appalled by the fact that I didn't bother to shower first before lying down on my bed?!?! CAN SOMEBODY TELL ME THIS IS OKAY PLEASE?

From that day on they've decided to replace the word 'dirty' in their dictionary to 'Travis'. "Don't be so Travis lah!" Walao eh...

Last Friday before booking out we had physical training as well, after which, as I actually do most of the time, I immediately went to shower. After changing into my civilian clothes and packed my bag, FOUR bunkmates asked on separate times, "Travis you got shower or not?" OMG!!!!!! It's not even in a joking way. They were legitimately, genuinely asking if I had showered. AHHHH!!!

It's alright, as long as I know I'm clean nothing else matters!!!!.... until I contract some form of disease.

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