Was so disappointed earlier to find out that Jurong Point's Breadtalk was sold out of salted egg yolk kroyzens :(

Kroyzens is also how I'm going to read and pronounce croissants from now on (unless I'm in a situation where I have to protect what little I have on an image) because that's exactly how I heard an auntie pronounce it a few months back HAHAHA. I was particularly fascinated by the way she said it with so much gusto, accenting the "K" and the "Z".

I really love salted egg yolk so fucking much eh. I swear to god, I am so on top of this fad, which I hope will last for a lifetime. I will eat anything with salted egg yolk. The only thing that I've had with salted egg yolk that turned out to be bad was Pastamania's pathetic attempt at an SG50 salted egg yolk pasta (that shit was bland) but everything else has been so awesome.

I don't understand why anybody wouldn't like it. Maybe cos I'm Cantonese and we all dig eggs that are not in their purest form – salted egg, century egg, you name it, we love it, unless it's balut. I've actually looked up videos on how to make my own salted eggs, but I literally have to keep them in a brine for a month before I can use them, which I don't have the patience for, clearly. You know what I also really like? That soupy kangkong that they like to cook with garlic, salted egg and century egg. I should probably learn how to do that someday cos it's GOOD SHIAT.

This is also my second time in the last six months to have some kind of throat infection which I am pretty sure is once again contracted from the army. URGH! I hate communal living. The first time I got a throat infection it lasted for a good month from BMT all the way to the midpoint of SCS. I'm so annoyed. And I've decided to repair my image by showering slightly more often now (*ahem* am I really tho?) but that is clearly not helping my throat. Maybe I've been giving one too many BJs, who knows? Hmm...


Lately I've been very curious towards the notion of why us as human beings like to seek entertainment so much. We all watch TV, movies, go for concerts and festivals, blah blah blah, and entertainment in some form or another plays such a big part in our lives that I can't help but wonder why. 

I do know for a fact that entertainment played a big part in post-war times because at a time when a country is in shambles entertainment is the thing everyone can look to for some form of happiness, or rather, escapism. I get that.

But a few days ago I Google-d for a few answers, which I spent an accumulated time of 5 minutes skimming through, because of my unfortunate lack of an attention span, and found that it's because we as humans lead too leisurely lives if we're found to look for entertainment too much. I might be wrong because I evidently didn't read all that much, but it said that human beings by nature are resilient and are meant to overcome adversities and shit. So when that isn't present in our environment, we start to chillax and decide to look for things to just "pass time" / entertain us until shit hits the fan lor, basically. Which is what contributed to the fall of the Roman empire, apparently. Maybe that's why we're all so fat now. That's why there's Netflix and chill. AHHHHHH!!!


While I don't know how, I think I'm going to start saving up because I'm planning to go to Japan in September this year. And I might wanna go to Taiwan as well. Plus I need to save up and replace my shitty, 3-year-old iPhone 5s, which by the way, is so shitty that the headphone jack and camera flash doesn't even work anymore LOL! Clearly dropped it way too many times. Sigh. But yeah. Money probléms because of my first-world needs :(

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