Cab ride thought #1

So in my course, we have one female cadet amongst the 150 of us. And whenever we have a lecture or a lesson being conducted, many a times when the person teaching is about to make a crude or inappropriate joke, he would either:

1. Ask the female cadet to cover her ears
2. Ask the female cadet to "pardon" his words
3. Change the language altogether simply because there is a female around.

And I'm so baffled by this. I can't help but wonder - is that what makes married men so oppressed because they always have this latent need to be "gentlemanly" or whatever the fuck you call that? And by extension, and I'm going out on a limb here, could this also somewhat contribute to infidelity in men? Because they are too tired of this inherent oppression they may not even be aware of?

Ok, but benefit of doubt, maybe they just wanna be a nice person. But I just don't understand why just because ITS A GIRL means you have to be nice and tone down your language. Like, why???????????????? You wanna sleep w her meh?

I don't know but I'm very pro-gender equality so I enjoy shooting my mouth regardless of whoever or whatever gender is around me.  That's how I'd like an ideal world to be but that's just my personal belief. I just don't see the point why a certain gender has to be singled out to be treated differently just because.

But whatever. Based on personal experience I'm not a fan of army regulars. My close friends know what I'm talking about.

~*food for thought cos I'm bored on a cab*~

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