I've had it with these survey people

I have officially HAD IT!

I know I am a bitch for saying this. But I hate how society's overly-goody-two-shoes, Virgin Mary types like to say that we should understand why people do certain things because they're simply trying to make a living, or something along those lines. Or try to understand that perhaps, just perhaps, what they're doing is against their own will and they have no other choice but to do it.

But let me take a moment to talk about people who ask passers-by to do their stupid surveys on the streets.

The act in itself is harmless. I agree. Sometimes, people just siam after they see my resting bitch face, or when I calmly reject them. But lately some people on the streets are so fucking stupid, and not to mention RUDE that I just need to express my frustration.

CASE #1 - That bitch near Burlington Square

I was walking with Edrie to LaSalle to catch a play, so we were walking to the location from Bugis MRT and were about to reach the traffic light that you cross to Burlington Square. Suddenly, from the top right area of my vision, I see this chao ah lian holding a stupid flier ZOOM across me diagonally, completely ignoring me, and targeted Edrie to my left. I immediately knew why because the first words that came out of her mouth were "Hi do you go to Malaysia often?" She was holding a flier for some shit about travelling to Malaysia.

I was so fucking appalled I turned back, looked her straight in the eye, and said, "Wow, just because he's Malay?" She stopped dead in her tracks, and I continued staring straight back in her eyes as we walked away. Ask her to fuck off with her racism lah. Bye.

CASE #2 - That bitch right outside Causeway Point who AMBUSHED ME OUTSIDE MCDONALD'S

Was walking into Causeway Point to find someone, and as I was strolling along the side of the exterior of McDonald's I felt someone's finger annoyingly tapping on my arm. I thought it was a friend who wanted to say hi so I turned around. It's this fucking bitch wanting me to do a survey. She was like, "Excuse me are you an NSF?" whilst holding a clipboard with a stack of survey sheets.


Seriously I am so DONE with these people. Since when did they have the authority to AMBUSH people from the back and TOUCH people like that? PERSONAL SPACE?! HELLO?!

I have to admit, I didn't think quick enough to ask the woman why she touched me because all I wanted was to get her to stop following me cos I was already running late.

The worst part is that she probably thought she could've gotten away with it just because she is a woman. If it was a male doing this to a female he would've obviously gotten into shit. So I can honestly ascertain by 80% that this bitch was playing double standards to her favour. So fuck that.

And I'm sorry not sorry. My personal belief is to not do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you.

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