Salted Eggs! Kroyzens!

I am now a self-proclaimed salted egg croissant connoisseur, simply because I've made the conscious effort to taste (almost) all of them around... I think I just haven't tried Starbucks' one, because it's too basic (I am aware of the irony of the situation).

In terms of the BIG croissants (or as I affectionately call 'kroyzens' thanks to random auntie at BK), I feel like Asanoya's one is still the best (never got to try the original Antoinette one). The rest are too hard and "crusty", very unlike the texture of a crassic kroyzen. Not a big fan of their matcha version though.

In terms of the SMALL croissants (that typically go for $1 a piece), Bunmaster is the least nice one, because their kroyzens taste like bread, and the filling is only concentrated on one spot of the whole thing, so you have to endure 50% of nasty, salty "bread" for the heavenly filling that comes after.

Breadtalk used to be the best one, overtaking Breadsociety, but now I think the best one is Four Leaves'. Not only are theirs the biggest out of all $1 rivals, but they also offer the cheapest bulk discount if I remember correctly – 1 for $1, 2 for $1.90, 3 for $2.70. And let's just say there is soooo much of the delicious, velvety filling that there is NO way you can eat this without it jizzing all over the plastic bag they put it in. It's really pretty damn good if you ask me.

But let's all take a moment to remember that croissants are made of 50% butter as well so...  (watch from 4:07 onwards and proceed to die)

Speaking of salted egg yolk, I have to say that despite all the flak it receives, McDonald's new Salted Egg Yolk burger does have its own merits.

PRO-TIP: Remember to order with EXTRA SAUCE. It doesn't do anything with regards to its subtle taste, but it does make the burger really wet, and who doesn't love a wet burger, yknowhatImean? ;)

Also, the salted egg yolk sauce actually can taste lah, you just have to "try very hard to taste it". I'm pretty sure y'all know what I mean. It's when you REALLY want to dissect the taste of something, so you keep focusing your energies on tasting it, which might sometimes involve the involuntary moving of the tongue up and down? Or don't tell me I'm the only one who does it?

Another on my list of obsessions lately: BEARD PAPA'S. It's so heavenly despite its pedophilloic name. The latest white chocolate eclair puff with cookies and cream filling? Fantastic. I can't get enough of those. I think they should have some sort of membership for that place.

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