iPhone woes

Yao siu, I actually wanted to hold out on this iPhone 5s, which I've used since its release in 2013, until prices for the 6S right now drop, but alas, things were not meant to be when my phone decided it'd be a good idea to slip out of my grip when I was closing my bunk door last week.

It fell front face-down and the entire top left corner is shattered and chipped. Plus, it now keeps pressing random areas of the screen which irritates the shit out of me when I need to actually use the phone.

And all this happening at such a "serendipitous" time got me thinking that Jesus probably wanted me to get an iPhone 7 LMAO. I guess its time is up lah, my iPhone 5s the last three years actually chalked up quite a long resume already anyway:

1. Broken silent mode toggle
2. Broken headphone jack (So essentially, I've been using the iPhone 7 before it even materialised. Hipster much)
3. 1 x bootleg battery replacement (At Sim Lim square for like $60? Damn)
4. Broken torchlight / camera flash (yep. No idea how that happened)
5. 1 x bootleg screen replacement (At an ah tiong shop in JE for like $80 lol)
6. LATEST: Shattered screen + moves on its own

But I think if my phone isn't in such a tragic state now I probably would've held on to it until the next year. I've reached a point where I'm totally cool with changing phones in 3/4-year cycles. That's one thing about ageing I actually wholly embrace!!! I no longer see the need of wanting to own the latest / best anything anymore, especially IT gadgets. Damn expensive sia. Except this case, because the iPhone 6S 128GB is actually more expensive than the iPhone 7 128GB lol. Yao siu.

I was actually thinking of getting the Rose Gold colour but after playing around with the matte black one (or as the guy who tended to me at Singtel says it, "blake" colour) I realised it was too sexy to not get that colour lol! Plus, not a big fan of the phone having a white frontplate... maybe I'd consider it if it was black at the front and rose gold at the back.


Anyway, can I just take a moment to spazz about how happy I am with Utada Hikaru's new album?!?!?! Bitch I waited 8 years for it to be out!!! Albeit it's a more mellow album because half of the album is about her mother's suicide, but I think it's coming at a very good time when J-Pop in 2016 has been shittier than ever before. Her collaborations on this album are absolutely A+++++++. It was a long wait but totally worth it.

Oh yeah, forgot to add on one stupid thing that happened. I was so caught up with planning my Tokyo trip that I actually missed the deadline to register for JLPT N2 in December. Fuck, right? I had thought in my head the entire time that registration was only going to open in mid-September, but turns out they had closed on Sept 9 zzz. So basically I have to pass the July 2017 exams by hook or by crook, otherwise I'm pretty much fucked4lyfe.

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