Konvinced by KonMari

I have to admit: I have been telling people I am a "recovering hoarder" for a few years now.

Because while I have definitely gotten over my hoarding tendencies, I am still at about the halfway mark towards getting rid of my excesses.

Until I just read Marie Kondo's book on the "Magic" of Tidying. It's going to sound ridiculous, but for once I actually found a book that addresses my problem of hoarding.

For people who want a tl;dr, basically, Marie Kondo (hence the name of the method, KonMari) teaches people on tidying, or rather, the method where one only keeps things that fulfill one of two categories: (1) Things that fulfill a functional purpose, and (2) Things that "spark joy" when you physically pick them up, i.e. trigger a positive emotional response.

Then you discard the rest because they're basically "noise" to your environment and mental state. Supposedly, once your mind has been cleansed by decluttering, you are able to think clearly, be more energised, and in very extreme cases, discover what is it you really want out of your life.

I completely buy it. Honestly, for someone so non-religious like me, I actually believe in spiritual energies, that things occur for very spiritual reasons. I am especially a fervent believer that Mahjong tiles have spirits embedded in them, and I subscribe to the belief that the tiles can read your mind - if you ponder too much over a tile that you eventually throw away, they tend to always come back to you, because that's the kind of assholes these Mahjong spirits are. And how you cannot stand up until it's the West wind.

So now, I am a Marie Kondo worshipper.

I'm going to get my life in order and start tidying the shit out of my life!!!!!!!!! Minimalism FTW!!!

Just earlier today, I suddenly remembered I kept a box that contained all my ticket stubs that dated all the way back to 2008 - bloody 9 years ago, can you believe it?! Surprisingly the stubs haven't faded yet, and they are still the classic small, perforated GV white-and-yellow stubs.

I also found, oddly, a box that had an assortment of clothing tags (I'm such a weirdo) for some reason. I need to STOP.  CAROUSELL EVERYTHING!!!

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